Liguria: ten things to visit in Genoa

Liguria: 10 Things to see absolutely in Genoa

What to see in Genoa in Liguria?

What are the places of interest to visit?

What to see in particular?

Here are the 10 things to see in and around Genoa and not to be missed!

Genoa, the city of art. Set between the sea and the mountains of Liguria, Genoa offers those who visit it breathtaking views and unforgettable moments.

Rich in noble palaces, museums, churches, but also more “modern” attractions such as the famous Aquarium, Genoa deserves to be visited at least once.

Famous for its “Rolli”, which today are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Genoa is a city to be experienced in all its facets.

Now, west Liguria and its villages, we indicate 10, but to know that there are many more to see.

Historic Center and “Caruggi”

The historical center is certainly the heart of the city.

Formed by the so-called “caruggi“, that is narrow alleys that date back to the medieval period, “creuze” (typical narrow lane or mule track that cuts, often vertically, the hills of Genoa and all of Liguria) and small squares, it is one of the many elements that have been included in the heritage of humanity by Unesco as name “The Strade Nuove”.

Rich in noble palaces, churches and monuments, the Historic Center of Genoa is the testimony of how different styles, eras and cultures have come into contact in this city, leaving a tangible imprint in the style of most of the buildings present.

You can admire some of the most fascinating alleys starting from Piazza Caricamento and going on foot towards via al Ponte Reale and Piazza Banchi where the Loggia della Mercanzia is located, a medieval building that housed the trading of merchants and bankers.

Historic Center and Caruggi - Elite Luxury Tours

Royal Palace Museum

The Museum of Palazzo Reale in Genoa is located inside what was commonly called Palazzo Stefano Balbi, one of the 42 “Rolli” in Genoa.

To compose the museum, in addition to the “house” of the Balbi, there is also one of the most important art galleries in the city, which contains works created by Van Dyke and Tintoretto.

In addition to this, you can find, shortage of Genoese sculptures, frescoes and furniture dating back to the 17th-18th century.

Royal Palace Museum Genoa Italy

Genoa Aquarium

The Genoa Aquarium is without doubt the most famous place in the city. Inaugurated in 1992 in the Porto Antico area, the Genoa aquarium is the second largest in Europe after the one in Valencia. Inside there are 12,000 specimens of 600 different species.

Among these, sharks, seals, penguins and turtles are particularly successful. The aquarium is structured in such a way that visitors can literally “walk” in the tanks, which are well over 70.
Recently the structure has further enlarged thanks to a new pavilion designed by Renzo Piano, called the “Cetacean Pavilion”.

genova acquarium

Galata Museo del Mare

The Galata Museo del Mare, after the Genoa Aquarium, is one of the most important maritime museums in the Mediterranean. Dedicated to the history of navigation and to the celebration of the bond that has always connected man and the sea, Galata takes its visitors on a real journey through the reproductions of the boats that accompanied man in his discovery of the sea. From rowing ships to sailing ships, from boats related to geographical explorations to those used to discover America.

Galata maritime museums Genoa

The Lantern

The lantern, symbol of Genoa, is the ancient lighthouse of the city.

With a structure 77 meters high, it dates back to the fourteenth century and had the task of signaling the entrance of the port to ships.

Specifically, the lighthouse became such in 1326, when the first oil lantern was installed inside.

To see it, the lantern is truly spectacular: the tower in fact stands on top of a hill 40 meters high, which makes the Lantern 177 meters high above sea level.

Old Port

Ancient trade center of Genoa, the Porto Antico has now become one of the cultural centers of the city in 1992, when the area was “modernized” by Renzo Piano on the occasion of the five hundred years of the Discovery of America .

Today the Porto Antico area is home to some of the city’s major attractions, including the Genoa Aquarium, the Galata and the Biosphere, a glass and steel bubble that floats on the water and contains at its inside a tropical environment with some animals such as butterflies and birds

Cathedral of San Lorenzo

Dating back to the 9th century, the Cathedral of San Lorenzo is a splendid example of Genoese style.

The Duomo was remodeled several times until the 16th century, as can be seen from the mixture of different architectural styles both inside and outside.

The Cathedral is composed of three naves that collect works of all kinds, from sculptures to frescoes and paintings, up to a Treasure Museum, which contains the Sacro Catino which, according to legend, would be the Holy Grail, in addition to the Ark of the Ashes of San Giovanni Battista and other objects related to the patron of Genoa.

Albertis Castle

Castello d’Albertis is currently the home of the Museum of World Cultures.

It is one of the most famous house-museums in Genoa and its surroundings, a symbol of the adventurous life that its owner and founder, Captain Enrico Alberto d’Albertis had. The museum aims to offer a sort of journey between different cultures and peoples with which the Captain came into contact through archaeological and ethnographic finds that will amaze you.

Via Garibaldi and its museums

Commonly called “Strada Nuova”, via Garibaldi is often called the “golden road” of Genoa, thanks to the exorbitant quantity of noble palaces that arise there.

Among these, three palaces stand out which today are known as the “Strada Nuova Museums”: Palazzo Rosso, Palazzo Bianco and Palazzo Doria Tursi.

The first, which was the home of the Brignole – Sale, collects the family’s private collection, which tells more than two centuries of history, which also includes works by Van Dyck and Veronese.

The second one is the seat of an important collection of paintings of the Italian, Flemish, French, Dutch and Spanish tradition, which range from the 16th to the 18th century. The third also contains displays of ceramics and tapestries, as well as being the place where “il Cannone” is preserved, the famous Paganini violin built in 1734.

Belvedere Castelletto

Finally we offer you a real gem, probably the one that is the best panoramic point in the city. The Spianata Castelletto is a fantastic “suspended balcony” overlooking the historic center.

It is a rather romantic place, absolutely not to be missed especially if you visit Genoa as a couple. Particularly fascinating if you reach it via the liberty style elevator.

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