West Liguria: 5 little villages that can’t be missed

West Liguria: 5 little villages that can’t be missed!

There are wonderful succession of villages interspersed with the lush green of nature in west Liguria.

From the Mediaeval Apricale to the little Principality of Seborga, from the romantic Tellaro to the old Maritime Repubblic of Noli.  A tour to discover an unexpected Liguria which surprises you from every angle.

There are five historical villages in Liguria, selected among the lots of hidden treasures of this region that will be able to astonish even the most expert traveller, unveiling their hidden beauty between alleys and little squares steeped in history and culture, giving compelling emotions in front of the spectacle of the sea and unforgettable walks up and down hills and mountains.

  1. Apricale 

Climbed on the mountain of Bordighera, in the intense green of vegetation, the view of Apricale really takes our breath away.

At 13 kilometres from the sea of the Riviera di Ponente, Apricale is a little treasure recently given back to its authentic charm by thorough works of recovery and restoration, performed by international artists and enlightened entrepreneurs, who decided give life back to this little Mediaeval jewel.

Cars must be parked at the bottom of the town, and from there you should move on foot to reach the Castle.

The best souvenir to bring back home, from here, is a bottle of the very good extra-virgin oil of olives DOP Riviera dei Fiori, extracted by taggiasche olives.

Apricale Village

  1. Cervo 

Not far from Apricale, but directly facing the sea, there is an enchanting and charming place, the little town of Cervo, it is very quiet and very enjoyable to visit.

The time seems to have stopped here: between the blue of the sea and the green of the hills, its Mediaeval houses, the caruggi and the stone arches, the squares and the terraces depict an authentic landscape, to cross only on foot and without hurry.

Discovered over half a century ago by Sandor Vegh, the renowned Hungarian violinist, who saw great potentiality in the characteristic concave façade of the Church of Saint John and who decided to transform the village of Cervo in the centre of the Chamber Music.

Very fresh fish is king in Cervo, matched with the very good Riviera Ligure di Ponente Vermentino DOC.

Cervo Village

  1. Noli 

In Noli we look at the history of prosperity, travels and adventures of the Maritime Republics, Italian port towns that had had independence, autonomy, and great commercial wealth since the IX century.

The most famous are Amalfi, Genoa, Pisa and Venice. However, there were other four towns that had a remarkable importance and among these there is the little village of Noli in Liguria. From its port men departed to the Holy Land during the Crusades. During Maritime Republics, alled of Genoa, used its wealth to build 72 towers, massive walls and prestigious palaces. Still visible today.

noli village

  1. Seborga 

It is one of the smallest commons of our Country with 315 inhabitants. But, above all, Seborga, or better, the Principality of Seborga is the smallest state in the world, even if it is an imaginary one.

Inside the village, you can’t resist the illusion to find themselves in a tiny Mediaeval kingdom. Seborga is an old and attractive village, dating back to the X century, characterised by narrow cobblestones alleys, arches and rocky doors, that lead to the beautiful Piazza San Martino, with the Palazzo dei Monaci, where the old Seborga mint is still held. Around the half of last century, the inhabitants of Seborga claimed that after the Italian unification, made by the Savoy, the Principality of Seborga wasn’t legitimately listed among the properties of the Kingdom of Italy.

The unique history of Seborga gives this old village even more charm and magic.

Seborga village

  1. Borgio Verezzi

One of the the most beautiful villages in Italy (I Borghi più belli d’Italia), a common between sea and hills.  We recommend you to discover Borgio Verezzi, this small Ligurian village full of charm that will amaze you with its beaches and beautiful hill walks. Visitable in all periods of the year Borgio Verezzi will conquer you with its suggestions and colors. If this is still not enough, let yourself be enchanted by its gastronomy. Don’t predict gnocchi with pesto and snails alla Verezzina.

Boggio Verezzi Village

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