Autumn in Piedmont not only food & wine

Autumn in Piedmont not only food & wine

Piedmont, the best region to experience in the fall

Autumn is the ideal season to visit Italy. Piedmont is undoubtedly one of our favorite places.

This region, located in the north-west of Italy, borders with France and Switzerland, with which it shares part of the Alps. Famous for its prestigious wines, truffles, cheeses and enchanting landscapes, Piedmont is a region capable of satisfying any type of tourist.

In autumn, the days still not too cold or rainy, can be the setting for a relaxing holiday.

How to reach Piedmont

Turin has its international airport but is easily accessible by landing in Milan (Lombardy) moving with high-speed trains (approx. 35 min) or in case of geographical proximity it could be also reached by car.

Turin: the secret gem of Italy

Turin is the first capital city (1861)of Italy.

Equally elegant and hip, the Piedmont capital of Turin is one of Italy’s most surprising cities.

Fanciful tree-lined avenues lead to art deco cafes and Renaissance, baroque, rococo, and neoclassical facades. Splendid art galleries and opera houses serve as the cherished repositories of northern Italian culture.

And public squares, neatly tended gardens, stately castles and grand palaces that were built between the 16th and 18th centuries recall Turin’s heyday as the glittering capital of the House of Savoy.

The city is crossed by the river Po, the longest river in Italy, which cuts north from Turin to Venice.

The culture in Turin is very rich; full of monuments, museums, art galleries, restaurants, beautiful palaces, gardens and the list goes on.

For those who choose to visit Piedmont for the first time, Turin is certainly a must.

When visiting Turin, it is important to explore and experience every corner that the city offers.

The list certainly consists of more than one cultural place in Turin. There are many elements of culture that you will be interested in and want to know more about.

City of nobles and sovereigns, Turin is famous above all for the beautiful royal residences that hosted the Savoy Royal Family and their entire court.

In 1997 UNESCO included 14 of these magnificent royal residences in Turin and Piedmont in the World Heritage List. As example: La Reggia (Venaria Reale) and Stupinigi which are both just 20 min. far away by car from Turin down town.

Some tips for your visit:

  • The Royal Palace: Designed by the architect Amedeo di Castellamonte, it was the residence of the Savoy Family until 1865. in architectural style reminiscent of Versailles, with the throne room, the dining and dance halls, the tapestries that cover the walls.
  • The Cathedral: Near to the Royal Palace is the Cathedral of Turin dedicated to St. John the Baptist. In the Cathedral, inside a chapel closed to the public, the Holy Shroud is kept.
  • Mole Antonelliana: La Mole Antonelliana is the symbol building in Turin, in the historic center. The name derives from the architect who conceived it, Alessandro Antonelli. With a height of 167.5 meters, it was the tallest masonry building in the world from 1889 to 1908.
  • Museo Egizio: The Egyptian Museum of Turin is the oldest Egyptian museum in the world, founded in 1824, and second in importance only to that of Cairo. Dedicates to the art and culture of ancient Egypt. For the importance of the collections in the museum, Turin is considered the city where Egyptology was born.
  • Valentino’s park and castle: it is the largest public park in the city of Turin and is located beside the Po river. Inside the park it is possible to admire the reconstruction of a medieval village and the royal palace of Valentino. Valentino Castle is site of the faculty of Architecture of the Polytechnic of Turin, its was conceived as a fluvial residence of the royal family, therefore originally with its entrance from the Po river side.
  • Many Mseum for different experiences: Turin is many cities in one, the former capital of Italy, the Italian “Motor City”, and a cultural hotspot with great art, archaeology, architecture & design museums.
    Find its most diverse cultural offer, ranging from one of the world’s largest museums of Egyptian antiquities to contemporary art galleries to some of the best museums of design and technology in the country.

In Piazza Castello, the heart of the city, stand the Royal Palace from where we suggest to start your city tour. Walking through the streets of the center of Turin, you will be enchanted by the noble palaces and the large squares that follow one after the other.

A particularity of this city are the colonnades that adorn the most important streets and the main squares of the city.

Stop at San Carlo square, one of the most beautiful squares in the city where one of the best historical cafés is located (Stratta) and where you can taste the chocolate symbol of the Piedmont region: the Gianduiotto.

[vc_single_image image=”677″ img_size=”large” add_caption=”yes” alignment=”center” style=”vc_box_outline” title=”The “Merenda Reale“ in Turin”]

What about surrounding?

When someone thinks of the Italian hills rich in vineyards and historical villages, they immediately think of others destinations.

The landscape of Piedmont is no less beautiful and rich!

Just think of the wines produced in this region, to understand how important Piedmont is regarding vineyards.

Langhe, Roero and Monferrato, the Piedmont countryside areas are of unique beauty and its hills are protected by the UNESCO as World Heritage site.

First of all the wine cellars

This territory is one of the richest in vineyards in Italy and a perfect destination for wine lovers.

The wines produced in those areas are among the best in Italy and famous throughout the world for their quality. Just think of Barolo, Barbaresco, Dolcetto or Nebbiolo to realize how much this region can offer.

Wine is not the sole best product of the Piedmont countryside.

Another very prestigious ingredient grows right on these beautiful hills: the truffle.

It is considered the most expensive and prized truffle in the world, the Alba white truffle has an unmistakable flavor and it is appreciated by the greatest chefs.

Last but not least

two further products of the Piedmontese land should be mentioned: the cheese and the hazelnut.

Every town and mountain in Piedmont produces its own fermented milk specialty.

The name Nutella remind you of something? Piedmont is where this amazing chocolate cream was born from the Ferrero family in Alba.

That is why during a trip to Piedmont, food and wine experiences are a must to make your stay in this region unforgettable.

In our itineraries through the Piedmont, visits to the most famous wineries for tours and wine tasting are always included. We also include truffle hunting and food experience.

[vc_single_image image=”501″ img_size=”large” add_caption=”yes” alignment=”center” style=”vc_box_outline” title=”The landscape of Piedmont is no less beautiful and rich!”]

Piedmont and its lakes

Piedmont is a perfect destination for lake lovers.

Lake Maggiore, the largest lake in Italy, is divided between Piedmont and Lombardy. This lake offers breathtaking views and wonderful villas.

It is famous for its island called Isola Bella which is home to one of the most interesting historic residences in the area: the villa of the Borromeo family, one of the families that marked the history of Italy. If you are in the area, do not miss the tour of Stresa and its islands.

We can offer private day tours departing from Turin or Milan.

Another lake which is worth a visit if you are in Piedmont: Lake Orta. Lake Orta is not among the most popular lakes in Italy and perhaps this is also its charm.

Must to visit the small towns such as Orta San Giulio, a real jewel to be discovered with its enchanted central island.

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