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Turin the first capital city of Italy full of baroque buildings and hystorical huge squares including the biggest of Europe.
Turin richly documented for its importance by Roman sites. Turin with the largest roman gate in the world.
Walk through the 18 km of arcades, built to allow the Royal family to have a walk in all weather. Nowadays the arcades give the city centre a charming touch, and turn every walk into a pleasure.
Have a visit to the  Museo Egizio, the second in the world after Cairo’s, that displays sarcophagi, mummies, vases, statues, weapons, tools, papyruses and paintings that document the various aspects of the Egyptian civilization.Torino con il museo egizio, 2° al mondo.
Torino capital city of the automobile with the national automobile museum where, thanks to a professional simulator, you can experience the thrill to drive a Formula 1 car.